"Greetings" We sendhur education trust implement our moto of spreading knowledge in the field of paramedical sciences through "SRI MEENAKSHI COLLEGE of Paramedical Sciences " An authorized Training Center under the Leadership of our beloved chairman Ln,Dr.M.GOPINATH.,M.B.B.S.,DFM.,CTCD., Allergy Asthma Therapist from the year 2003 onwards.

Gowtham polyclinic

Gowtham polyclinic-DAARF Dindigul. Dindigul Allergy Asthma Research Foundation is an allergy based disorders research and treatment center run by Sendhur Educational Trust. Our medical Director Dr.M.Gopinath has attached DAARF with Allergy Asthma Foundation of America as an Educational Support Group. This unit is functioning successfully since 2007 onwards with a well equipped service team, advanced clinical laboratory for In Vitro Allergy testing-Serum I.e. analysis-Pulmonary function testing Spirometry study etc, advanced treatment module like Sublingual Immunotherapy done, Monthly free campaign for all sorts of allergy disorders conducted. Our medical Director has been recognized as an International Affiliate Member of American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.


Course Offered